Recently, I try to refrain from SNS as much as possible. This is because, when something happens, the brain immediately goes into “reporting mode”, and the poor language field of my brain begins to work actively prior to all five senses. First, feeling things deeply to avoid dropping the bit rate of the experience. It seems better to write it after that.

さて、今日は女体山(香川県 さぬき市 / 東かがわ市)に登ってきました。女体山に通じるトレイルは、四国八十八ヶ所巡礼最後の札所大窪寺の敷地内からのスタート。スタートからいきなりの急登となりますが、心拍数は130bpm辺りを維持しつつ、ゆっくり登ります。約1年に渡ってタバタ式トレーニング / HIITで心肺機能と大腿筋を鍛えてきたので、これくらいの傾斜ならまだまだ。

So, today I climbed Mt. Nyotai (Sanuki City – Higashikagawa City, Kagawa, Japan ).The trail leading to Nyotaisan starts from the grounds of Okuboji Temple, the last pilgrimage to 88 places in Shikoku. That was a sudden climb from the start, but it will climb slowly while keeping around 130 bpm heart rate. I have trained my cardiopulmonary function and thigh muscles with “Tabata Training”, that is deadly HIIT leads us to hell, for about a year. So I can walk without problems even with such a slant.


There was an observation rest area on the way, so I stopped by to adjust the shoelaces and rehydrate. Surrounded by trees could be a perfect “Digital Detox”.


While I was walking on a trail, I suddenly faced an asphalt road. I wondered if I would walk on the paved road temporarily and then enter the mountain road again. BUT the rest was the paved road to the goal. It’s not much different from the walking path that I usually walk with my dog. I was disappointed a bit. So, I looked at my favorite backpack and regain my mind.

先日に引き続き、シューズはSALOMON 「X ULTRA 4 GORE-TEX」。ゴアテックスにグランズレメディー(足臭予防パウダー)を使って大丈夫か心配でしたが、一応透湿しているみたいです。能力は落ちているかもしれませんが、2時間半のハイキングでも、靴下がしっとりしている程度。よくゴアテックスは蒸れやすい、と言われますが、この時期であれば、ドボンと浸水でもしない限り、蒸れは大丈夫だと思います。それにしてもグランズレメディーの消臭効果は強力ですね。






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